Land capability and crop suitability for grain and oilseeds:

4 October 2018
In order to protect and ensure the long term sustainable use of agricultural land and natural resources in South Africa, all relevant agricultural legislation is being reviewed.  To inform the new legislation, the Agricultural Protected Areas and High Value Agricultural Land need to be spatially demarcated at a National Level.

Agbiz Grain has partnered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to demarcate and verify agricultural zones for grain and oilseeds with the aim of developing a fully integrated national geo-referenced database comprising land capability and crop suitability. This spatial database and maps will inform the future activities of agriculture in South Africa, especially in support of AGBIZ interventions in various decision-making process.  

Several maps are provided here to depict the land capability and crop suitability for the various grains and oilseeds. They are available below or on a Dropbox folder so that you may download it for further evaluation. The maps are large (about 1.1 GB in total) and have been created with a fairly detailed resolution. The maps can be printed on an A0 format.  Alternatively, the JPG format allows the maps to be print smaller (as A4 or A3) to use internally for discussion and verification.

Feedback may be submitted to DAFF before 31 October.  Notes can be made directly on the printed A4 maps. Please scan these maps and email to: AnnelizaC@daff.gov.za

Please submit comments to
Anneliza Collett  -  Production Scientist
Directorate: Land Use and Soil Management
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Email address: AnnelizaC@daff.gov.za



Demarcation of agricultural areas - Methodology and principles

Author: Annaliza Collett

Land Capability & Crop Suitability

Land Capability & Crop Suitability
Author: Hermann Strydom & Anneliza Collet