Promoting the common interests of commercial grain handlers and storers (Agbiz Grain members), assisting and influencing the grain industry so that members as independent profit driven business entities can fulfil their role in the grain industry successfully.  

Main Activities

The main activities of the company are to promote the interests of its shareholders by the following:

  • Operating a general secretariat for commercial grain handling and storage entities.
  • Represent members in organisations/bodies/structures in the grain industry where grain related issues are considered.
  • Coordinate and facilitate members needs and interests with regard to their functioning as handling and storage operators of grains and oilseeds.
  • Act as mouthpiece for members regarding grain handling and storage issues.
  • Establish by means of its technical and other committees a discussion forum for members.
  • Setting of national standards to address the training needs of the broader grain handling and storage industry.
  • Influence policy makers and other persons in the interest of members in particular and agriculture in general.
  • Coordinate expertise from own ranks to the benefit of members and external organisations and individuals.
  • Provide specialist services to members on a user pay principle.

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