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30/11/2021 Agbiz Grain Quarterly November 2021
The past year posed interesting challenges and, being an optimist, I want to believe that we have seen developments culminating from these challenges into exciting changes to improve the business environment. The most important aspects include the development of the Agbiz Grain Storage Cost Index, revision of the JSE rules, positioning of Agbiz Grain through our symposium, and opposing the potential introduction of assignees in the grain and oilseed storage sector.
29/11/2021 Study On Storage Capacities And Logistical Infrastructure For Eu Agricultural Commodities Trade
This study provides an overview and mapping of the storage capacity and logistical infrastructure for cereals, the oilseed complex, and protein crops (COP henceforth) in the EU.
02/08/2021 Prospectus
The Prospectus provides relevant information...
02/07/2021 2021.06.29 AgriTrends Grains Oilseeds
2021.06.29 AgriTrends Grains Oilseeds
15/05/2019 Recommendations for Commodity Futures Delivery on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange - Market notice 15919b
In 2009, Matthew C. Roberts, Ph.D. was asked to examine the operation of the futures contracts of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange by the National Agricultural Marketing Council. The issue at hand was the use of Location Differentials (LDs) in the settlement of physically-delivered futures contracts. After a review of the operation of the market and the contracts themselves, he concluded that the primary problems with the South African grain markets were not LDs, but instead were the lack of competition and transparency in cash grain markets and the prevalence of market power among end-users, particularly in the Western Cape. These factors prevented an active cash market from forming but LDs, being more visible and tangible, were treated as the scapegoat.