Crop Quality
The Crop Quality surveys of maize, wheat, sorghum, sunflower and soybean are performed annually by The Southern African Grain Laboratory NPC (SAGL).

The goal of these Crop Quality surveys is to accumulate quality data of the commercial crops on a national level. This valuable data reveals general tendencies, highlight quality differences in the commercial crops produced in various local production regions and provide important information on the quality of commercial commodities intended for export. This detailed database contains information collected over several seasons. 

Under an agreement with the members of Agbiz Grain, a representative sample of each delivery is taken during the harvesting season at the various silos according to the prescribed grading regulations.  A sub-sample of each of these grading samples is collected in a container according to grade and class per bin at each silo. A composite sample is taken from the container and divided.  This sub-sample is sent to SAGL. The collaboration between Agbiz Grain and the SAGL ensures representative samples as the foundation of this unique and useful database. 

For the purpose of these surveys, South Africa is divided into 36 grain production regions. Various grain storage and handling companies are represented by the different collection depots (silos/bunkers/bags) in a particular production region.

SAGL uses the production estimate figures of the Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) of the Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALLRD) to ensure that the composite sub-samples proportionally represent every year’s harvest.