Agbiz Grain Symposium: September 2021


There is little doubt that 2021 will be remembered as a watershed year for South Africa.  Our economic recovery depends on the difference we make in the lives of others through our decision making, the optimal management of socio-political challenges in the macro environment, the curbing of unnecessary costs, by embracing new technological advancements and by gaining a clear understanding of the fundamental factors that will determine commodity prices in 2022.       
20 - 23 Sep: Leading our country and sector forward into a promising joyful future we need to make a difference in the lives of others through our decision making. The former CEO of Grain SA, Jannie de Villiers starts each day of the symposium talking to us ‘’To enquire of the Lord in the heat of the moment.”
Mon, 20 Sep: Curbing unnecessary costs!  Prof Johann Kirsten (CEO: BER) will engage with service providers and experts on those factors and consumer demands that drive future cost increases in the handling and storage of grains and oilseeds.

Tue, 21 Sep: The socio-political challenges impacting the sector needs to be succesfully managed.  Dr John Purchase (CEO: Agbiz) will be leading a panel discussion amongst business leaders in the sector on the challenges that need to be succesfully adressed in order to shape our future.   

Wed, 22 Sep: What is in the technological pipeline? Prof Ferdi Meyer will be facilitating a futuristic discussion amongst service providers on new technological advancements and potential disruptors that will add value to the local grain handling and storage sector.

Thu, 23 Sep:  The global grain and oilseeds market beyond 2021. Arlan Suderman (Chief Commodities Economist: StoneX) shares his analysis of the global grain and oilseeds market and price expectations.
You are hereby invited to diarize the event which will take place daily from 09:00 – 11:30.


Agbiz Grain Simposium (English version)

Agbiz Grain Simposium (Afrikaanse weergawe)

Agbiz Grain Promo Teaser - Day 1

Agbiz Grain Promo Teaser - Day 2

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