• The prospective member must utilise the grain silo(s) at his disposal as an asset for the handling and storage of grains and oilseeds on a commercial basis.
  • The prospective member must have a minimum storage capacity of 15 000 tons (maize basis) at his disposal.
  • The prospective member may also use alternative grain storage structures, such as silo bags, in addition to the fixed infrastructure offered by silos.
  • The grain silo(s) of the prospective member must have a minimum out loading capacity of 500 ton (maize basis) per 9 hour working day.
  • The prospective member must have trained personnel at his disposal.
  • The grain silo(s) of the prospective member must comply with the food safety and food hygiene requirements of the Department of Agriculture.
  • The grain silo(s) of the prospective member must make use of accepted and calibrated grading and mass measuring equipment.
  • The grain silo(s) of the prospective member must be able to receive and dispatch grains and oilseeds under all reasonable weather conditions.
  • The prospective member must endorse and apply Agbiz Grain's code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  • Commercial grain silo owners acknowledge the laws of the country and undertake to abide by them.
  • Commercial grain silo owners endorse the free market principles and apply it as basis for the operating of commercial grain silos.
  • Storage and handling services are rendered at economically viable tariffs and sound business principles.
  • Products are graded according to the grading regulations of the Directorate Food Safety and Quality Assurance of the National Department of Agriculture, unless otherwise agreed.
  • All products of users of grain silos that meet the requirements of the National Department of Health will be handled and stored in any quantity subject to practical arrangements.
  • The quantity and quality of products (during storage) and the agreed arrangements are guaranteed.
  • Market mechanisms that enhance the trading of products are supported and utilised.
  • Silo certificates that can be traded are at the disposal of users of grain silos.
  • Products specified on the silo certificate will be delivered on presentation of the original silo certificate to the holder thereof after payment of all relevant costs.
  • Grain silo service tariffs are available at the start of a marketing period at head offices and at grain silos.

Become a member

To become a member, or for more information, contact Annelien Collins.

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