Transnet Freight Rail And Transnet Port Authority

Published: 18/06/2021

The Transnet Freight Rail and Transnet Port Authority conduct a bi-weekly meeting to discuss operational issues with respect to the exports of especially citrus and maize.  Although exports is not a core focus area for Agbiz Grain (Storage operators) we stepped in and presented an overview of the operational issues that we identified in dealing with especially Transnet Freight Rail.  Agbiz Grain was invited by the Decongestion Meeting Committee to do a presentation on Friday 18 June on operational issues and the increase in exports for both maize and citrus. Our inputs were recognised and appreciated by the Citrus Growers Association and the Decongestion Committee. The meeting on Friday 18 June followed on a previous presentation prepared for the meeting of 3 June between Agbiz and the CEO of Transnet Freight Rail.