Storage requirements of malting barley

Published: 04/05/2023

The malting barley storage sector is concerned about increased risks associated with storage. Anecdotal evidence suggests that malters’ and breweries’ storage requirements for storing malting barley grain are changing over time.
Consumer standards for beer in South Africa may be different from other global consumers. This may require malting barley grain at a quality level that demands a higher degree of specifications for handling and storage. “Handling and storage conditions (drying, aeration, temperature control and pest-free practices) are the number one evidence that malt barley and seed (other crops) will survive over time,” said Rens van der Watt of the South African Barley Breeding Institute (SABBI).
Stakeholders in the beer value chain continuously search for solutions to optimise returns and lower costs. However, little is known about the performance of malting barley grain in storage in South Africa. There is a void in research that addresses the changing storage requirements of malting barley grain and the impact this may have on the value chain.
Agbiz Grain therefore focusses on promoting research and creating awareness to fill this research void among storage operators, stakeholders involved in the value chain and researchers. They will support the public and private funding for results-driven research. Agbiz Grain facilitated an inclusive industry-wide meeting on 17 April to prioritise important research needs. – Agbiz Grain