Statutory Measure: Monthly Declarations And Weekly Producer Deliveries

Published: 07/06/2022

On 2 June 2022,  the Minister approved the request of the Maize Forum, namely:

  • that the existing statutory measure in respect of the monthly declarations to the SA Grain Information Service (SAGIS) on maize, oilseeds, sorghum, and winter cereal as published by Government Notice No. 606 of 4 June 2008 as amended, be amended again to include that monthly maize deliveries and stock levels be reported on per class and grade of maize on a national basis; and
  • the establishment of a new statutory measure, namely Records and Returns on weekly producer deliveries of maize, wheat, soybeans, and sunflower seed.

Furthermore, both statutory measures are administered by SAGIS and will lapse on 30 April 2024.  These will be promulgated in the Government Gazette, hopefully by Friday, 17 June 2022.