SAGL: Report On Maize Discolouration And Water Damage

Published: 15/06/2021

The Trade Working Group has accepted the results of the study and recommend that the project not be expanded to yellow maize, which will result in a saving on the approved funding.  However, matters got complicated when a consensus recommendation of the Working Group was questioned at the Maize Forum Steering Committee by the same members serving on the Working Group, although it is accepted that some new information may become available.

With regards to water damaged maize, it is the opinion of the millers that it should be held in abeyance until completion of the current project of the SAGL on the cooking quality of maize.  The SAGL could not detect any effect of water damage on the milling and other quality parameters as measured, but enzyme activity was not part of these parameters and may be affected.  The concern appears to be that the study did not take into account all the characteristics that are presently playing a role in the industry, for instance the modification of starch by water. 


Other role-players are still in support of the proposed amendment to the grading regulations and are of the opinion that the process should not be delayed due to this concern.  There will be sufficient time to take the SAGL results into consideration before the approval of the grading regulation amendments. 


The SAGL report on Maize discolouration and water damage is available from the SAGL.