Researching suitable sampling apparatus

Published: 04/05/2023

The Agbiz Grain technical committee on sampling met in April, during which they discussed the selection approval and certification of sampling apparatus suitable for use during disputes.
Certification of sampling apparatus requires stating manufacturing specifications. Sampling devices are being independently evaluated by the SAGL to select the appropriate apparatus from a performance and engineering point of view.  Specifications must be confirmed by an engineering specialist to ensure fail-proof long-term efficiency.
Manufacturing requirements include width and length of apertures, the intermediate width between apertures, the type and thickness of the steel used in the twin bore samplers, and the strength of the sampler. The scientifically selected apparatus will be included as the prescribed, certified instrument specified in sampling and dispute protocol.  To evaluate the different samplers, a handling procedure must be finalised by grading specialists.
It is foreseen that the research may lead to the recommendation of a unique sampler for use in South Africa. The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology standard prescribes that the fundamental sample tool aperture size be a minimum of three times the size of the largest sampled particle.
Our maize kernel size tends to be bigger than kernels in the northern hemisphere. The sampler should be available in varying lengths but must have sufficient length to reach the bottom of the sampled conveyance. Open-throat sampling probes tend to draw more of the sample from the top portion of the grain in the lot compared to the compartmented probe. There are open-throat probes that when inserted into the cereal grain and opened, the apertures open in sequence, starting at the bottom, taking representative samples in compliance with global standards.
In the end, the ideal sampler needs to be practical. It must draw a representative sample and manufacturing components must be affordable and available. – Agbiz Grain