Opportunity: Service provider required

Published: 04/05/2023

Agbiz Grain requires the services of an entity that will be able to provide the following outputs on a contractual basis.

1. Establish a forum where training providers, facilitators and assessors can review the learning material and share best practices to improve programme delivery.
2. Provide support to SDPs with accreditation, learner registration, MoUs with workplaces and the use of learning materials.
3. Identify and assist with accreditation of assessment centres where EISA can be administered.
4. Registration of learners for EISA.
a. Liaise with AgriSETA to set EISA dates that will be published on the AgriSETA and Agbiz Grain websites.
b. Set closing dates for registration of learners for the EISA (at least three months before the EISA). No late submission will
be allowed.
c. Special needs learners must be identified when they are registered for the EISA to make sure that allowances can be made
for them when they come to the AC.
d. Learner EISA registrations submitted to AgriSETA and QCTO for admission to EISA.
5. Prepare assessment centres for EISA:
a. Arrange a suitable venue for the agreed dates and times.
b. Liaise with AgriSETA to obtain the EISA.
c. Arrange for invigilators, assessors and moderators to administer the assessment process.
d. Submit learner results to AgriSETA within 15 days.

The following criteria will be helpful in the application for this role:
• Experience in the SETA and QCTO environment.
• Knowledge of QCTO policies and regulations.
• Knowledge of the grain handling environment.
• Knowledge and experience in facilitation and assessment.
• Strong planning and organising skills.
• Effective communication skills.
• Attention to detail and prioritising skills.

Please send your CV/proposal to before 31 May 2023.