Listen to banks when formulating government policy

Published: 02/08/2023

The government recently published two controversial regulations in the Government Gazette for public comment. One is the Water Use Licensing Regulations, which seek to introduce a black shareholding requirement to obtain a licence, and the other is the draft Equal Employment Targets proposed for the agricultural sector. (Read articles on both these regulations in this issue of Agbiz Grain Quarterly.)
Agbiz is involved in both processes by interacting with the relevant departments. Since the proposals were formally published in the Government Gazette, they have received a strong response from many civil society organisations and the media.
Agbiz Grain believes that banking, as it is practised in South Africa, enables the creation of a more just, peaceful and equal world. If banks can gain greater recognition for the role they play in determining where capital and liquidity can best be allocated in the agricultural industry to promote economic growth, then the banking industry should not be treated as a passive participant in the creation of national policy. Our banks have the ability to determine the functioning of our modern agricultural practices and way of life. With the necessary confidence in our banking system, our democracy can stand stronger. – Agbiz Grain