Dr Pieter Taljaard is stepping down

Published: 02/08/2023

Grain SA recently announced the resignation of Dr Pieter Taljaard as CEO of the organisation. Taljaard is headed for Canada where he will be managing a vertically integrated grain and oilseed farm on the eastern border of Saskatchewan.
“It’s been a hard and sad decision, but at this stage of my career it is the last opportunity given my age to go on an adventure like this. Especially also given that we can experience this as a family together with our two teenage children,” Taljaard wrote on Grain SA’s website.
A committee was appointed by Grain SA’s board to search for the best candidate to take over the role of CEO. “Grain SA has talented and exceptionally committed personnel and I’m confident that we will manage this transition and continue to serve our members at the same level of professionalism and care we have all become accustomed to.” – Susan Marais, Plaas Media