Course welcomes first student group

Published: 02/05/2024

Lizelle Jacobs, director of MindAlive, has been working with Agbiz Grain for the past six years to successfully develop and implement the newly registered Grain Depot Manager qualification. Agbiz Grain recently expressed its appreciation for the enormous task she has taken on in this regard. (Read our article on the course and its development in the February 2023 issue of Agbiz Grain Quarterly.)
Jacobs and a team of specialists from among Agbiz Grain’s members, are currently finalising the question bank for the first group of students who will register for the External Integrated Summative Assessment exam by April 2026. Over the years, several of our members’ staff and individuals serving the storage sector have been involved in the development of the Grain Depot Manager and Grain Grader courses.
We salute every contributor for their selfless contributions in this regard. Whether retired or still actively involved in the industry, each person’s dedication has made it possible for 43 students, primarily Agbiz Grain members, to
enrol in 2024. – Agbiz Grain