Continued push for generic passport system

Published: 02/08/2023

Stakeholders convened on 28 July to discuss the possible introduction of a generic passport system. They presented their respective systems in operation and explained the information collected in the value chain and how it is captured from production to final delivery to the processor.
Certain stakeholders are increasingly demanding compliance assurances. Providing assurances will add benefits and costs to the chain. The feasibility of a generic passport system that is applicable to every stakeholder in the value chain, depends on the inclusive cooperation of all stakeholders and compliance with the principles of the competition act as part of a voluntary system. A generic passport system should be based on the same principles as an existing passport system where the inclusive cooperation of all stakeholders involved is contracted.
Being part of a generic passport system is not mandatory but voluntary, which increases the risk of failure. Traceability and compliance in the bulk grain value chain will be discussed at the Agbiz Grain Symposium in September. – Agbiz Grain