Agbiz Grain tests sampling probe

Published: 02/05/2024

According to a Southern African Grain Laboratories (SAGL) study funded by Agbiz Grain, stakeholders in the industry use different sampling probes to collect representative portions of the consignment and assign the correct
grade during arbitration.
However, the choice of sampler is not always based on an independent evaluation, which can lead to discrepancies in grading results. The Vac-A sampler was found to be the best at taking a representative sample from bulk grain and oilseed consignments and should be the probe of choice for dispute resolution.
In sampling environments without electricity, the single tube with an inner tube proved to be the best of the three handheld probes tested. The significant differences in performance between the probes tested, underscore the importance of using the most accurate sampling probe to resolve disputes.
Agbiz Grain members purchased 47 of the required samplers to test the tube in the field for different commodities, conditions and environments before making a final decision regarding the preferred tube to be used in dispute
resolution. – Agbiz Grain