EU rejects Ukraine grain bans

Published: 04/05/2023

The European Commission has rejected bans introduced by Poland and Hungary on Ukrainian grain imports. The countries said the measures were necessary to protect their farming sectors from cheap imports. The ban applies to grains, dairy products, sugar, fruit, vegetables and meat and will be enforced until the end of June.
While the Commission said that unilateral moves will not be tolerated, it has not yet specified what measures it would take against Poland and Hungary.
Most Ukrainian grain is exported via the Black Sea, but Russia’s invasion last year disrupted export routes. As a result, large quantities of grain ended up in central Europe. A deal with Russia, brokered by the United Nations (UN) and Turkey, allows Ukraine to continue exporting by sea, but Ukraine accuses Russia of slowing the process down with overzealous inspections.
Poland called for talks with Ukraine to ensure exports pass through Poland and do not end up on the local market. Ukraine says the move contradicts bilateral trade agreements. – BBC