Grain training

Agbiz Grain has developed learning material for the following qualification:

SAQA ID: 14873

Title: National Diploma: Grain Handling Management

Grain Depot Manager Occupational Qualification

Grain Grader - Part qualification (accommodated in Grain Depot Manager)


Process Flow - Grain Depot Manager

Step 1: The training provider applies for Extension of Scope at Agriseta to deliver the qualification.

Step 2: Once the training provider is accredited for the qualification, they can start marketing the qualification at the various Grain Businesses

Step 3: Each training provider has their unique training model and delivery and they will communicate with their clients in terms of how the training will be delivered.

Step 4: Once the training is concluded, the training provider will apply to the Agriseta to exit their learners.

Step 5: The Seta will, in conjunction with SAQA, issue a National Diploma.