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Mini-Symposium 2015

The annual Agbiz Grain Mini-Symposium for Agbiz Grain members took place on Wednesday, August 12, 2015.  

This year's theme was TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 

Click here for the program in PDF format.


Presenter/SpeakerProgramme ItemDocument
Jerry Maritz, Chairman, Agbiz Grain Opening.


Wiana Louw, SAGL Maintain grain quality standards and manage expertise with specific reference to ring tests. Download
Jolanda Nortjé, SAGL The value of crop quality reports and the importance of providing correct samples. Download
Dr Corinda Erasmus, SAGL

Maize data-mining - quality trends in SA over the last 12 years.


Pieter Esterhuysen, Grain Industry Consultant Overview of the issues impacting the wheat industry. Download
Nadia Viljoen, GAIN Group Tracking grain transport in SA:  Understanding trends and market drivers. Download
Dr Peter Lyne, Consulting Engineer, SA Sugar Ass. Road Traffic Management System in the sugar industry. Download
Nick Porée, Nick Porée & Ass. Review of the National Freight Logistics Strategy. Download
Ash Ganasen, Barberry Group / PSP Logistics Sweating your assets - rail and storage. Download
Neo Mosebo, Transnet Freight Rail (TFR)  B silos and the process to apply for usage of TFR properties. Download
Lizelle Jacobs, PMI Development of learning material for the grain industry. Download
Ishmael Tshiame, General Manager:  GFADA Enhancing collaboration with Agbiz Grain members on the commercialisation of emerging farmers. Download

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