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Agbiz Grain Road to Rail Workshop:

9 October 2018

Agbiz Grain hosted a Road to Rail Workshop focused on logistics in the grain industry value chain. This Workshop of 8 October 2018 fell squarely within the directive given by the Jobs Summit where Agbiz is playing a major role. In principle, the road to rail issues need to be sorted out over the next 12 months as contained in the Job Summit agreement. The Department of Transport has agreed on a process, which gives industry the leverage to interact with the Department of Transport, the Department of Public Enterprises and Transnet.

Agbiz will give feedback about progress with the transport matters at the end of the 12-month period. The agreement was that Agbiz would facilitate a series of meetings with Department of Transport, Transnet and the various industry groups over the next 6 to 12 months. In the series of meetings, Department of Transport, Transnet (as the owner of the infrastructure) and the industry can discuss specific issues.

This Road to Rail Workshop was focused solely on the grain industry value chain and numerous grain value chain role players participated. All grain value chain role players with an interest in logistics were encouraged to participate in order to discuss the Road to Rail migration interventions and the state of readiness. The audience included Agbiz Grain members, other role players in the grain industry, the Department of Transport, the Department of Public Enterprises and Transnet.


Presenter/SpeakerProgramme ItemDocument
Pieter Esterhuyse Introduction to the Road to Rail Workshop Download
Nico Hawkins Road vs Rail statistics Download
Jan Louis Spoelstra Transnet Overview Download
Alistair Christison

A new national grain train plan