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Crop Quality Surveys

Crop Quality Surveys

The crop quality surveys of maize, wheat, soybean and sunflower are performed annually by the Southern African Grain Laboratory (SAGL). SAGL was established in 1997 and is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory that participates in one national and twelve international proficiency testing schemes as part of an ongoing quality assurance procedure to demonstrate technical competency and international comparability.

For the purposes of the crop quality survey, South Africa is divided into 36 crop production regions. The map shows each region, indicating the names of specific intake silos grouped into that region.

Agbiz Grain members play an important role in this collaborative project. During the harvesting season, a representative sample of each delivery of grain and oilseeds was taken at the various silos according to the prescribed grading regulations.  The submission of representative maize, wheat, soybean and sunflower samples for the annual harvest quality survey is vitally important to maintain and expand the national grain quality database. The sampling methodology followed at silo level is of utmost importance to guarantee the integrity of the data.

The vast amount of maize information collected in the past is now enabling data mining projects that will enable SAGL to determine long term and regional trends of grain quality.