Weekly Producer Deliveries To Be Discontinued?

Published: 18/08/2021

Members of Agbiz Grain and other market participants submit on a voluntary basis, the weekly producer deliveries at silos.  Agbiz Grain have decided to discontinue the submission of the weekly information in 2022 onwards.

o    Agbiz Grain represents on a 5-year average basis only 67% of the grains and oilseeds in storage.

o    Due to the voluntary nature of the weekly submissions of the weekly producer deliveries to SAGIS the weekly information is not inclusive of the total market.

o    The weekly report is based on the voluntary participation of market participants committed to do so.

DALRRD indicated that the weekly producer deliveries are an important input for the DALRRD’s functions eg. Crop Estimates Committee and the NAMC’s Supply and Demand Estimates Committee.

o    The DG of Agriculture met with SAGIS during May 2021 on the matter.

o    A follow up discussion was scheduled between SAGIS, Agbiz/Agbiz Grain and DALRRD on 25 May 2021 to discuss possibilities to continue with the submission of the weekly producer deliveries

o    One of the possibilities is to implement a statutory measure to mandate the collection of the weekly producer deliveries inclusive of all market participants.

o    The Forums that represent affected stakeholders must submit a request in favor of the implementation of a statutory measure.  If it is not expected from SAGIS to verify the information received it will be possible for SAGIS to continue without incurring additional costs.

Agbiz Grain is prepared to continue with the provision of weekly information on the deliveries of grains, on condition that it is made a statutory requirement. The different forums need to submit a formal request in favor of a statutory measure in order to enable SAGIS to collect the weekly information inclusive of all stakeholders.

Time is running out and the respective Forum Steering Committees did not yet receive any request from an affected industry stakeholder or the DALRRD requiring the statutory and inclusive submission of the weekly producer deliveries to SAGIS