Transnet Freight Rail / Road Freight Strategy

Published: 14/01/2022

Several meetings were convened by Agbiz, SACOTA, Industry, Transnet Freight Rail, and Port Terminals. 1 000 wagons were promised to the industry for the import and export of grain, of which only 20% were delivered. This percentage has further decreased. The poor performance and distressing service by Transnet are due to cable theft and locomotive shortages.   Collaboration between public and private partners is critical to significantly correct the current events.  A meeting with the Transnet National Port Authority was also convened to consider the quality of harbor services.   Existing tugboats are either decrepit or too few to render adequate services to marine vessels. A Planning Session with Transnet has been scheduled by SACOTA for 27 January 2022 where the industry will broach the topics of maintenance, security, progression tactics, and the effective transportation of grain.