Storage Protocol For Malting Barley

Published: 15/07/2021

The competitiveness in the storage of malting barley may unintentionally be impacted negatively by the dominant position of a single large scale buyer of malting barley in the local industry and the unfavorable risk to reward ratio experienced by suppliers.  Consequently, Agbiz Grain acquired a legal opinion how to solution the problem in collaboration with malting barley suppliers (Including Agbiz Grain members) in a horizontal relationship with the sole buyer of malting barley in South Africa.  Legal council indicated that the exercise will promote competitiveness in the industry and from that point of view it is allowable to collaborate closely on the matter to develop a common storage protocol.  Agbiz Grain is now drafting a concept protocol and guidelines on the production, intake, storage, dispatch, handling of disputes, change to the grading regulations, evaluation of cultivars and research.