SAGL: Maize Crop Quality Survey

Published: 08/06/2021

The SAGL expresses thanks to the members of Agbiz Grain who collaborates on a weekly basis by sending samples to the SAGL.

Although the Crop Quality Reports are considered world-class, the SAGL reports are not timeously accessible to industry and a request to discuss the respective modus operandi with the SAGL is requested by members of the Maize Forum Steering Committee. A formal request was made to the SA Grain Laboratory requesting the timeous accessibility of the Crop Quality Reports for trading purposes.  The crop quality reports are shared by the SAGL to the individual contributors of samples (Agbiz grain members).  However, members of the Committee requested that the SAGL publishes a more accessible, timely (weekly) report on regional averages.  In addition, the SAGL also received a request that the names of the respective silos located in each region be listed.

According to the agreement between the SAGL and individual storage operators the results of the analysis at specific silo’s may not be disclosed publicly.

At the MFSC meeting on 8 June the SAGL shared the following;

•    The SAGL selects the samples to be analysed in terms of the number of samples already approved by the Maize Trust, considering the expected production per region and the proportionate ratio between white and yellow maize.
•    The selection process is critical to ensure the correct representation of all maize production regions, which provides for the number of delivery points and the time of harvest.
•    The time between receipt of the first and last samples vary between four and six months depending on the specific season.
•    Storage operators (Agbiz Graim members) are annually reminded in May of each year about the importance of providing the samples.
•    The average results per region are published weekly on the SAGL website and notification of the availability of the first results is done on social media platforms and via mail chimp.
•    Improvements are constantly made to the format of the results and the manner in which it is published on the website, in accordance with the feedback received from role-players.
•    The contact list of the storage operators and sample delivery schedule are updated regularly in conjunction with Agbiz Grain.
•    Industry, although highly appreciative of the excellent work done by the SAGL, believes there are definite further improvements that can be made, especially regarding publication of the results.
•    The provision of samples by processors is something that may be considered to expand the representation of the crop.
•    The timely publication of the crop quality results and a regular progress report on harvesting are issues that could be improved.

Industry role-players should discuss directly with the SAGL and Agbiz Grain the possibility of further improvements to the publication of the results of the annual maize crop quality survey.