Research Needs To Be Identified For The Grain Handling And Storage Sector

Published: 16/02/2022

Funding for research in the grain and oilseeds sector generally focused on research that benefits the primary production of commodities or meets the requirements of the consumer downstream in the value chain.  Research proposals are submitted twice over 12 months to the respective trusts.  This includes the maize trust, winter cereal trust, sorghum trust.  In terms of oilseeds, project proposals need to be submitted to the Oilseed Advisory Committee and Proteïen Research Foundation.  Seven research topics will address the handling and storage sector’s needs in terms of research.  The needs were discussed with the following research entities:  4.1   Dr. Renèe Prins and Mr. Francois Smit (Cengen),  Dr. Marinda Visser.  Director: Strategy & Partnerships: Agriculture @ Innovation Africa (Grain Research Program, FABI, University of Pretoria) and  Mrs. Wiana Louw, SAGL.