List Of Research Needs And Recommendations

Published: 23/06/2022

The underneath list of research needs was submitted to research institutions for their consideration to develop research proposals and applications for funding.  One of the suggestions made is that Agbiz Grains considers it to contract research to do a literature study on research that has already been undertaken to address similar questions.  It may not be necessary to commit funding for research that has already been done.

The storage capability of malting barley cultivars

The development of an efficient methodology/technology to determine GC and GE during the intake of malting barley at silo’s 

Germination capacity & germination energy

The development of an efficient methodology/technology to determine GC and GE during the intake of malting barley at silo’s 

Pest control in stored grain

Solutions are needed for the control of insects in stored grain.  The challenge to control insects increases and the options to do so are limited. 

The storage capability of maize cultivars

The % breakage of maize during the handling and storage of maize increased.  Consequently, this impacts negatively on the grading results at out loading.  One of the suspect reasons may be the introduction of new cultivars over time

Pre-harvest management practices affecting germination capacity and germination energy of malting barley.

Apart from environmental factors, field management practices from the flowering stage onward scan impact the germination energy and germination capacity of barley.  Examples are inappropriate type, timing, or dosage of chemical applications.  The development of a method or technology to determine the presence of traces of these chemicals before harvest or at intake can lower the risk of germination energy and germination capacity losses. 

Optimized storage practices with the available infrastructure.

Review and optimize local storage practices with current infrastructure and varieties.  Storage practices currently in use have been developed under different environmental conditions.

Average grain handling losses for maize and soybeans

The grain handling and storage sector express the need for an objective analysis of the average % handling and storage loss for maize and soybeans over 12 months.  This should be for different types of storage in the different production regions of South Africa


SAWCIT (South African Winter Cereal Industry Trust):  The applications for funding through SAWCIT must be submitted by the end of June 2022.

OAK (Oilseeds Advisory Committee): The applications (Research Proposals) for funding through OAK on the following crops; soybeans, groundnuts, sunflower seed, and canola needs to be submitted by 1 June 2022.  Visit the website for more information.  Funding of research projects – invitation (
PNS/PRF (Proteïen Research Foundation): Research focuses on animal feeding and especially on soybeans and canola.  The applications (Research Proposals) for funding need to be submitted by 29 April 2022.  For more information visit  Applications for funding of new projects (