Agbiz Grain Quarterly. May 2022 edition

Published: 10/06/2022

The May edition of our Agbiz Grain quarterly magazine focused on the impact of grain theft in the industry and measures for prevention.  The impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the RSA consumer and the importance of food security as a national asset received attention.  Does the JSE storage rates keep up with reality and what are the security risks at intake and out the loading of grains and oilseeds?  We have investigated the protein content related to moisture and took note of two insects that should not impact negatively on the delivery of grains.  We discussed the importance of preventative maintenance of grain silos and the challenges of climate change on the grain storage industry.  The future of employment in the sector is taken under review and the vital importance of OHS.  Where do we stand with assignees for inspection and what is Transnet’s take on third-party access?  All of these topical issues were addressed in the latest Agbiz Grain Quarterly.