Agbiz Grain Code of Practice anticipated

Published: 08/12/2021

Self-regulation is a key focus of the grain industry, and the objective of the development of the Agbiz Grain Code of Practice is to support this self-regulation. The industrywill be guided by outlines for minimum requirements of all involved in the grain handling and storage sector. This Code will be continuously reviewed with input from Agbiz Grain storage and associate members, to ensure that its integrity is maintained. 
In adopting this Code, all participants accept that they will be individually responsible for implementing the necessary systems, procedures and processes to achieve the purpose of the Code. Adoption of this Code will provide all industry sectors, including governments, researchers and consumers with confidence that processes exist in South Africa to successfully ensure effective assessment, classification, storage and transport of grain, to promote the local industry and its grain in support of market access, and to supply grain that meets market expectations. – Agbiz Grain